Boursin-Stuffed, Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken

Boursin-Stuffed, Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken 

boneless, skinless chicken thighs
Boursin cheese
kosher salt, pepper
olive oil

Pound the chicken to an even thickness (~1/4″). Season with salt and pepper. Place a good sized dollop (~1 T) on each thigh and roll chicken around. Place seam side down on baking dish. Wrap each in a slice of prosciutto  Drizzle just a little olive oil on each roll. Bake at 400, 20-25 min.

As the chicken cooks, cheese will ooze out all over the pan. So when the chicken is done, transfer them to another dish or serving plate. Use a little milk (~1/4 c), and whisk into the cheese and juices in the pan to make a sauce. Warm on low heat, adding more milk if necessary – but whisk to get up all the bits from the chicken. Serve the sauce over the chicken rolls.

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