Cher-Raspberry Lime Spritzer


At the grocery store this morning, I spotted this plastic cup. We live in Florida and have a pool, so we don’t allow glass out back of our house. And with its green stem, this cup reminded me of my lime tree, and I immediately thought of making something along the lines of this little cocktail. So, of course I snagged the cup… Ultimately, I decided to spruce up some white wine with fruit flavors. My husband and daughter jokingly came up with “Cher-Raspberry Lime” feeling each fruit needed to be represented. 🙂

Cher-Raspberry Lime Spritzer

1 T grenadine
ice cubes
fresh raspberries
5 oz Pinot Grigio white wine
juice of half a lime

Take your wine glass, and add the grenadine, a couple ice cubes, and half a dozen or so raspberries. Add the wine and the splash of lime juice. Garnish with a slice of lime and enjoy!


One thought on “Cher-Raspberry Lime Spritzer

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