Pardon Our Dust!

Pardon Our Dust

Hi everyone!

I’m so excited (both nervous excited and excited excited) to announce that we are finally getting ready to go live with the new and improved I switched the theme recently, but that was just temporary …and playing with WordPress themes is fun. But let’s face it, pink polka dots are just not me. Instead, we have a much better final theme and layout and all that stuff. Only thing we’re waiting on is the logo, and that will come soon.

These changes include a hosting change, so we are working with WordPress to make sure all Erica’s Recipes subscribers are moved with no issue. So, if all goes as it’s supposed to, you will keep getting email delivery of new Erica’s Recipes posts. I will also be doing a bit of reorganization, so there will be a couple extra “new” posts of previously published articles (I generated them incorrectly when I didn’t know what I was doing).

So pardon our dust! Cross your fingers or say a Hail Mary that nothing breaks. Also, I have GREAT new dishes to share that I have been holding on to until this migration was done. Stay tuned!

A very special thank you to my IT department …My husband Joe

Thank you all SO much for your support,



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