About Erica’s Recipes

Growing up, I never learned how to cook. Once, I was making mac and cheese from the box and asked my sister how do you know when it’s done – meaning how do you know when the pasta is done. My sister saw only a pot of water and thought I was asking how you know when the water is done. So the running joke for years was “Erica can boil water, but that’s it”. But once I finished school, I learned to cook. And I mean really learned – because I obsess. Twenty years later, and after ridiculous trial and error, I can seriously cook and it consumes me. I love it – it’s fun, challenging, and I live for that feeling of satisfaction that comes from making something really good.

I grew up north of Boston, spent years in San Antonio, and I now live in Florida with my husband and two children. So my food is very reflective of having grown up in the northeast but with definite southern and southwest influences. I started EricasRecipes.com in 2005 for sharing recipes with family and friends. At my site, you will find tips and recipes – some super healthy, others for splurging, but everything very approachable and family-pleasing! Because I am a working mom, I also have plenty of recipes that are all about being quick and easy. Nothing overly deep or emotional here – just really good food!

All photos posted on EricasRecipes.com were taken by me! Ask before you share!

Here’s me replenishing after a triathlon 🙂



8 thoughts on “About Erica’s Recipes

  1. Thanks for checking out my blog and my recent Crispy Kale Chips! I hope you get a chance to stop by again sometime and try a recipe or two for yourself! I look forward to following your future posts as well.


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